To those unfamiliar with the concept, a ‘Battlestation’ is a generic term describing one’s personal gaming and/or productivity setup in their home. This includes the design, aesthetics, and ambiance resulting from the many components working together to create it. There are limitless arrangements and compositions of furniture, computer peripherals and other items that can be used to form a beautiful, yet practical setup that will impress any visitor who (dare) enter your space of solace!

Here is an example of what a Battlestation might look like, with a very surface-level analysis to follow:

Gaming Setup by /u/ThatoneguyTonight

As you can see, the above Battlestation is gorgeous. You can tell /u/ThatoneguyTonight spent lot’s of time and money into the planning and creation of this gaming setup, but what really goes into this?

For starters, the color scheme of white and black are integrated everywhere. It goes without saying that colors matter significantly for aesthetic appeal, and a color scheme is generally needed for any setup if you want it to look and feel good. You can tell that this person really had to go out of his way to make this work, as he even purchased a black and white skin for his Nintendo Switch to match!

Lighting is also a prominent feature of this setup. There are splashes of neon blue lighting in the keyboard, behind the desk and inside the PC, not to mention the desktop background integrating all three colors which all add to the ambiance of the arrangement.

This Battlestation includes a massive mousepad which I have mixed feelings about. Large mousepads are very practical in the sense that they provide a reference point for where to keep your keyboard and mouse, among other items and peripherals. However, to me it appears as a slightly ‘off-white’ color which doesn’t necessarily mesh into it’s surroundings well. At the same time, this could be due to the way the image was taken and the lighting involved. In addition, it’s massive size appears to barely fit within the confines of the peripherals placed on the desk. but I may be nit-picking at this point.

There is a myriad of other components in this Battlestation that could be discussed, but this blog isn’t necessarily about reviewing entire setups.

What is YourBattlestation?

YourBattlestation aims to provide detailed, relevant information regarding gaming and productivity setups to those looking to upgrade, re-arrange or create their own Battlestations from scratch! This includes topics such as computer peripherals, furniture, accessories, lighting and their arrangements, in addition to recommendations for items one might want to include in their own gaming setup.

The possibilities are endless, and we will do our very best to provide you with the guidance needed to create the Battlestation of your dreams!