Gaming mice are an essential component in any Battlestation, and probably one of most frequently used peripherals. Having the right combination of precision and speed in FPS or click-intensive games is necessary if you want to win, and using a weighted gaming mouse can help give you the edge.

What is a Weighted Gaming Mouse?

Weighted mice are exactly how they sound. They are mice that are integrated with weights which are usually interchangeable. They aim to provide users with additional control when playing games that require lot’s of mouse movements such as MOBAs or FPS’s. The additional force required to move the heavier mouse (momentum) is what allows the user to achieve this, since it takes more effort to move the mouse a small amount. Slight movements will be negated by the additional weight of the mouse, and it can help to prevent overshooting a target.

In contrast, imagine a typical light-weight mouse which most people use and own. You probably have one yourself. This lighter mouse takes less force to move than a heavy mouse does. Using any amount of force would make it move quickly, but with little precision. This might not be ideal for games with enemies that have small hit-boxes, or that require other precise movements.

Should you use a Weighted mouse?

Whether you should use a weighted gaming mouse is up to personal preference and the type of activities you do on your computer. Most people are completely comfortable and used to their current mouse, which is fine. If you’ve used the same mouse for years and mastered your craft using it, it wouldn’t make sense to switch. For example, those who play and master League of Legends or Dota likely have thousands of hours spent developing muscle memory on their mouse of choice. It can take a long time to adjust if they swapped to a weighted mouse, and difficult to play competitively.

A weighted mouse also has a certain feel to it that people enjoy. The extra weight helps to smooth the movements of the mouse which might feel better in the hand. It also makes the mouse feel like more of a premium product, compared to a cheap plastic mouse.

Note-worthy Weighted Mice

A weighted mouse can be great for getting into games that you haven’t developed significant muscle memory for. If you decide that a weighted gaming mouse is something that you’re considering, a discussion will be had on a few of the notable ones below. Please keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive review on all the different weighted mice. It is an overview of key mice which have weighted features to them.

Logitech G502

One of the most popular mice with a weighted feature is the Logitech G502 Performance Gaming Mouse.

Logitech G502 Performance Gaming Mouse.
Logitech G502 Performance Gaming Mouse

This popular gaming mouse features five removable 3.6 gram weights so that you can tune it to your exact preferences. I highly recommend going for a mouse with adjustable weights since it gives you a fair bit of flexibility.

This mouse also has other features such as custom RGB lighting, eleven buttons with profile memory, and a 16,000 DPI sensor. It also has a nice appearance which would suit almost any gaming setup. Click here or on the picture if you’re interested in learning more!

Corsair M65 Elite RGB

For Corsair fans, the M65 Elite RGB might be the one for you.

The weight features on this mouse are actually pretty interesting. The weight system is tuneable with a total weight between 97g and 115g, depending on which weights you use. You have the option of where you would like to place the weights, and can forego including a weight in one of the bottom sections of the mouse to change the center of gravity.

Some other features this mouse includes is a 18,000 adjustable DPI sensor, eight programmable buttons, and a precision sniper button which helps to reduce sensitivity for important shots in your FPS games. If you’re interested in learning more about this gaming mouse, click here.

SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

Another popular option for a weighted gaming mouse is the SteelSeries Rival 600.

As you can see in the above image, this mouse provides even more weight customization than the other two. It features eight weights (of which you can use however many you’d like), which you use to fine tune the center of gravity and total weight of the mouse to between 96g and 129g. This comes out to about 256 different weight configurations!

This mouse also features a 12,000 CPI sensitivity, 350 IPS speed optical Esports sensor, along with 7 programmable buttons and an eight-zone RGB lighting scheme. If you’re interest in learning more about this mouse, click here.

Final Thoughts

Weighted gaming mice certainly have their place in the world of gaming setups. They help FPS and other gamers by providing additional precision while making fast movements. Some gamers might be happy with their current mouse and have developed a muscle memory that they’re not willing to lose, and that’s completely fine. But for those who like to play a variety of games which involve precise actions, a weighted gaming mouse might be just the thing for you.

I hope this post provided you with the guidance you need to decide whether you should look into getting a weighted gaming mouse for your Battlestation.

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